Chapter 1, He Adored New York City…

Manhattan (1979) | Woody Allen

… He idolized it all out of proportion!

I tend to forget just how good this film is until I hear those ‘Gershwin’ horns. There are a few films that are either strongly rooted in, or strictly about a particular city. However very few come close to this timeless ode to New York City.

uh, no, make that he romanticized about it all out of proportion, better.

Allen strikes a perfect balance between romance and comedy and executes his smart-ass one liners to perfection. The more I watch it, the more I appreciate the complexity in it’s composition and dialogue; executed with the utmost subtlety.

And, what better way to cap it off, than to take to the couch and give us some insight on his reasons for living… but of course, what would life be without those incredible apples and pears by Cézanne.

befront_manhattan 01