Midnight Cowboy: Hey! Im Walkin’ Here…

Midnight Cowboy (1969) | John Schlesinger

Not just one of the best scenes in this movie, but possibly one of the best scenes in film history. The entire altercation with the cab driver was unscripted and a natural reaction to almost being run over. There have been many debates to just how authentic the moment is.

midnight-cowboy-posterWe can clearly see Dustin Hoffman break character, lose his cigarette and even switch back to his natural baritone voice in a fit of rage. Whether or not the cab driver was tipped off by the director, he clearly got a brilliant improvisation out of Hoffman.

Midnight Cowboy is a classic 1969 drama film about two unlikely friends and the bond they create as they struggle to survive.

This infamous movie line inspired the title for our photography series ImWalkingHere.

The “Im Walking Here” scene has had such an impact on film history that it has been recreated and imitated over and over. Below is a SuperCut video of just a few reenactments of the classic scene.

Hey! Im Walkin’ Here