Not Talent… I Said Geen-yus!

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) | Woody Allen

befront_Vicky Cristina Poster

Hipócrita! Hipócrita! Hipócrita!

Maria Elena has to be the most bedeviled of all Woody Allen characters – I take that back – definitely ol’ Jasmine.  Whichever way you dice it, Vicky Cristina Barcelona is refined and sophisticated on many levels. From the setting to the soundtrack, the natural dialogue and of course, Penelope! Showing up an hour in and only having a 40 minute part, she stole the show.

Her confession, “I was crazy for you and you betrayed me, with your eyes” has such depth of conviction that we almost empathize with her razor-rampage… However, of all the highlights, the first thing that comes to mind about this film has to be Penelope making it through the word “genius”. Enunciated for clarity, and not to be (under any circumstance) confused with talent.

What did they tell you in Art School?