A subconscious curiosity exposes a series of reflected geometries and layered elements on different facades around Barcelona is the focus of this edition of ImWalkingHere . These are pictures taken on a recent visit to this magical Spanish city.

2 Juerg Thuli b
Due to the shape and material of this building, it creates multiple reflections are appears almost symmetrical. (Torre De Gas Building)
7 Juerg Thuli b
The kaleidoscope effect; a crystalline opening in a solid block, a introspective reflection of the building. Somewhat like the polished surfaces of a gemstone. (Museu Blau. Herzog & de Meuron)
3 Juerg Thuli
Another example of the building reflecting on itself, showing fragments of its fragmented nature, almost mocking itself. (Torre De Gas Building)
13 a Juerg Thuli new
Funny how two steps makes a huge difference.  The distortions suggest the skin of this building mocks it’s neighbour; bloated and starved.
14 Juerg Thuli
La Sagrada Familia: the building’s interior is painted by natural light and the newly added stained glass creates a paint of on paper appearance. (La Sagrada Familia)
8 Juerg Thuli b
A striking example of a self reflection. The two facades blending into each other seamlessly, hard to say where the corner is at first glance, giving the impression of a double exposure. (Hotel Me. Dominique Perrault)
9 Juerg Thuli b
The ceiling of a fragmented roof reflecting the function of the area it covers. Fenced in with closed gates one can only guess from these reflections what could go there during the day. (Mercat Dels Encants)
11 Juerg Thuli b
The black hole? Positive or negative? Collage or one piece? (Diagonal 123 Building)