A Streetcar Named Desire: Hey Stella!

A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) | Elia Kazan

MOV_2b3ffd2a_bA Streetcar Named Desire was as controversial a release as they come. In 1951, this Elia Kazan directed film was labelled “immoral and vulgar”. More importantly, the world was taken by storm by the force that was Marlon Brando, the foremost method actor.

Brando embodied Stanley Kowalski, a brute so indecent yet so charming. He glides through the tiny French Quarter apartment; seemingly ignoring the stage blocking and constantly throwing Vivien Leigh off due to his affinity for improvisation, which was something foreign to classic actors like Leigh. Brando reinvented acting, and brought a rough edge to his unforgettable role as Stanley Kowalski.

“Poker should not be played in a house with women”

Stanley, Stella, Blanche and Mitch make up the stellar ensemble cast, so dysfunctional, they all seem normal. This poker night scene captures it beautifully with the “Hey Stella” cry for his girl becoming the the most memorable line in the film.