You Can’t Handle The Truth

A Few Good Men (1992) | Rob Reiner

befront_the truth_posterDeep down in places I don’t talk about at parties, I want Aaron Sorkin to write the screenplay to every film I watch. Sorkin, who actually wrote the original play was inspired by both his sister (form the perspective of Demi Moore’s character) and a real-life Code Red at Guantanamo Bay.

This scene was infamously shot over 30 times so that Rob Reiner could capture everyone’s reactions. Nicholson gave his monologue in full force every single time. Tom Cruise, hot off his Born on the Fourth of July acclaim was also in full force in the climatic scene to what I certainly consider one the greatest courtroom dramas ever.

Jack Nicholson was paid $5m for 10 days work. Appearing in four scenes for no longer than 20 minutes in total. However, it was his five words “You Can’t Handle The Truth” that became the quotable line for the entire film.