Most designers tend to be multi-faceted; dabbling in different forms of art and craft. Architects are no exception, known for furniture and product design. Here is a look at another craft that most architects hold very dear. Watches! Below is a selection of watches that a handful of architects have designed. There are too many to count; these are a few of our favourite. As you can imagine some will be streamlined and pristine, while others will be “out the box” in typical architect (roll eyes) fashion.

Deja Vu by Denis Guidonedeja_vu_watch_denis_guidone_2b

“The sweep of time” was the concept behind this watch. Fittingly called Deja Vu, it leaves a trace of colour as it moves along the face of the watch. As the long hand passed the short one, you get an overlapping sweep of colour over a blank face, this way it represents present and past at the same time.

Chronoscope by Max Bill x Junghansmax-bill-chronoscope-wrist-watch-ameico-4

Minimalist… Classic! Max Bill was a Swiss Architect that studied at the Bauhaus. This Chronoscope piece has no frills and no fuss. He set out to design a classic watch and that is just what he did. Guess what year it was designed?

Cubit by Michael GravesWatches_4

Postmodernist master, Graves, has always loved colour and a peculiar sense of shape and form. So it’s no surprise he would go for the hexagon in the circle with bright colours. However, when you look harder you see a 3-dimensional cube created by the different shades of blue. Almost looks like the Archdaily logo… … almost.

Nova by Mario Botta


This watch has strong geometric underpinnings. It could either be the extended minute lines on the watch, or the thick short hand and the thin long hand. Many normal elements were strategically exaggerated to create a subtle conflict in all the harmony. Don’t ask me about that red dot but its pretty cool sitting there, arbitrarily.

Markuse by Richard MeierP1.HighMuseumWatch_highres-1024x817

Like most of his buildings, this watch is simple and plain. It has what seems like a translucent face, blurring the hands ever so slightly. It’s not too dissimilar to Botta’s watch above but the milky face face gives it a good edge.

Positive/Negative by Frank GehryFrank Gehry Watch

This is definitely my favourite. The tagline for this design is “Gehry Writes Time”. It is a digital clock featuring Gehry’s handwriting and designed around the way we verbalize time. So, 11:18am will be displayed as “18 past 11”. That’s different. 10 points Frankie.