Schindler’s List: Girl in Red

Schindler's List (1993) | Steven Spielberg

1993-schindlers-list-poster1“Ist dies Bach?”… “Nein, Mozart!”
It was in fact Bach’s “English Suite No.2 in A Minor” and the fact that I gave it some thought, while a massacre was ongoing just goes to show how psychologically perplexing Schindler’s List was.

Arguably, the most powerful scene is this tracking shot of a little girl in a red coat, moving through a raided ghetto, backed by the melancholic soundtrack of Oyf’n Pripetshok Nacht Aktion

As a filmmaking device the little girl serves to draw us past various horrors. As we focus on her red coat we subconsciously zone out from all the killing and follow her innocently through the ghetto. We are only reminded of the reality as we cut back to the silent shock and disgust on Oskar’s face as he curiously follows the little girl.

On a symbolic level she represents the innocence that was lost during the Holocaust and serves as an iconic reference for the movie.