A Brief Psychoanalysis of McLovin

Edward Fogell is the sidekick to a pair of unpopular protagonists in the coming of age high school flick, Superbad. This film re-appropriated it’s genre, taking it deep into crevices so crass that DJ Qualls would cringe at the thought of it. For some reason, in the sixty-three and a half times I have seen it, I have never not been consumed by the mind of Fogell or as he is fondly remembered; McLovin.

Fogell first shows up in the middle of a Home Economics class where his two buddies, Seth and Evan, are busy making tiramisu.befront_superbad_06

“I don’t ever need to cook tiramisu, when I am ever gonna need to cook Tiramisu” 

In reality this is the first ever screen appearance for the actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse. “Gangstas, whats up guys”, is not exactly what you would expect, but of course, we get a first glimpse of his self confidence. And why not throw up a Tupac “Westcoast” sign for good measure. The most important thing at this point is his account of the girl with the tight white pants and the black G-string that he followed through the hallway; as pubescent high school boys do. The confidence is genuine, furthermore, the bold step to follow in the steps of Mike Snider and get a fake ID exemplifies this inner sense of security.befront_superbad_05

For a second time Fogell graces us with his presence. This time in the school parking lot. Here he unveils his newly acquired fake ID. Lets pause for a second here. He followed through and delivered, which is more than most of us can say for ourselves… I digress.

befront_superbad_03“Wait, you changed your name to McLovin? McLovin?… What kinda stupid name is that Fogell? What are you, an Irish R&B singer?”

Just remember, it was between that and Mohammed. While Seth loses his mind, he calmly reminds him, “Mohammed is the most common name in the world, read a f*cking book for once.” That is actually a fact and the first of two very significant strategic decisions that were made in the acquisition of this fake ID. The second; going for a 25 year old ID and not 21.befront_superbad_02

He condescends; “Seth, Seth, Seth. Listen up ass-face, everyday, hundreds of kids go into the liquor store with fake ID’s and every single one of them says they’re 21. Pssht… How many 21 year olds do you think there are in this town, it’s called f*cking strategy, alright”

Executive decision.

“Chikka chikka yeah, fikka E, fikka D… how tight.”