Good Will Hunting: Your Move, Chief

Good Will Hunting (1997) | Gus Van Sant

befront_goodwill_02In 2014, the world lost a great man in Robin Williams. In paying tribute to him, we considered a few great moments in his illustrious career; settling for his “jongle rehd” (jungle red) comedic scene from Mrs. Doubtfire. But then, we changed our minds and went for the deeper, more solemn Williams; the bearded Williams. Without a second thought, the park bench scene in Goodwill Hunting came to mind; where he completely disarms a young, arrogant Matt Damon.

I can’t learn anything from you that I can’t read in some f*cking book

Williams reaches into his depths to deliver this extremely still performance which earned him an Academy Award. A monologue worth watching. It surely resonates with our different outlooks on life.