Snatch: Do You Like Dags?

Snatch (2000) | Guy Ritchie

befront_dags_00After the success of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking BarrelsGuy Ritchie garnered enough attention from big movie names to collect some star power for his follow up project; fittingly titled, Snatch.

“Wha’duz he tink we ahr… teevz?”

In this ensemble cast, non shun brighter than Brad Pitt (Mickey), who literally did this film for free. He was such a fan of Lock, Stock that he just had to be in the next one. He however struggled with the accent so badly that Ritchie cast him as a gypsy bare-knuckle boxer, playing on his previous role (Fight Club) and allowing him to use an accent that he could somewhat improvise and absolutely no one (including the characters in the film) would understand.

Of all the spastic mumbling Pitt did in this picture, non stood out more than the brief interrogation of Tommy’s general affection for a particular breed of domesticated canids. 15 years on, it still gets referenced as the topic of pets comes up in certain circles.