An Inglourious Introduction

Inglourious Basterds (2009) | Quentin Tarantino

befront_inglourious_02In a series of exchanges, as part of a script that took Tarantino a decade to complete, three Americans soldiers disguised as Italian filmmakers, sneak into a German event… in France. Go figure.
Enter, Enzo Gorlomi, Antonio Margheriti and the incomparable Dominick Decocco. The only problem is none of them speak I-talian. However, in German-occupied-France, this should not be an issue. Just introduce yourself and keep your mouth shut.


In reality Christoph Waltz actually does not speak Italian and had to learn his lines for the role. Could have fooled me.

*Antonio Margheriti is actually a real life Italian film director and one of Tarantino’s favourite directors