Capone: Untouchable & Enthusiastic

The Untouchables (1987) | Brian De Palma

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This De Palma classic captures Chicago in the roaring 20’s, at the height of prohibition. True to his method, Robert De Niro studied Capone down to every last detail. He infamously insisted on wearing the brand of silk underwear that Capone wore, even though it would never be captured on camera.

This famous dinner scene is rumoured to have taken place in real life, where Capone rounded up his associates for a dinner and at the dinner he proceeded to bludgeon one of them to death after finding out he was plotting to side against him.

In this scene De Niro captures the unapologetic smug look Capone was known for, almost proud of himself for what he had just done. The monologue comes to an abrupt, violent end with De Palma masterfully capturing all the horror off-camera through the reaction of the other guests, without being gratuitous.