Singin’ in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain (1952) | Stanley Donen

810ad2d7976b6250dc28ef9a80c70e3bNo introduction necessary for this musical classic. With a scene that has been reenacted and replicated by so many it’s hard to imagine that it was all shot is just one take.

To add to the mystic of Gene Kelly; he was terribly sick with a fever during the evening of this shot and he improvised the entire sequence.

In search of perfection, Kelly was later described as a tyrant on set, making everyone’s life miserable, especially Debbie Reynolds, whom he accused of not being able to dance.

All in all, this film is generally considered the greatest musicals of all time (can’t say we completely agree – hashtag WestSideStory)… but let’s save that debate for another day.