The First trailer has been released for Martin Scorsese’s 28 year old passion project. Silence is an adaptation of Shūsaku Endō’s 1966 novel about two Portuguese priests that journey out in search of their mentor.

Scorsese has been trying to get this film made since the late 80’s and following the release of Wolf of Wall Street, he vowed to stay away from everything else until this film was realized. He has always tackled issues of his Catholic faith; originally, he intended on becoming a priest before turning to film-making. He has dealt with the issue of religion right from Mean Streetsdown to more direct confrontations like Last Temptation of Christ.

This is not just another film; if Scorsese’s history is anything to go by, you can expect to be confronted by subtle discomfort from time to time. The first screening would be at the Vatican and the official release is December 23rd.