BeFront’s Top Articles of 2016

So, we managed to get through 2016. Despite the whirlwind of events and tragic losses we tried to smile and keep it moving. We have had lots of curve balls, unforeseen incidents and script changes but through it all came influences that have grown and evolved this platform into what it is today and what it will keep evolving into as we get through the new year. As an ode to our 2016 journey, we decided to highlight our most popular articles of the year.

We excluded all feature series because, as you can imagine half of this list would be one Top3Tuesday or the next, so we’ll deal with those separately.

Below are our 10 most popular articles of 2016:

10. In-Love with In-Bruges

In Bruges
In-Love with In-Bruges by Christopher McArthur

In Bruges, or a film I refer to as The film with the most what-the-f*ck moments, is easily one I can (and have) watched a hundred times. If you’re reading this, you probably have, too. Sidenote: if you haven’t, do a U-turn now, because this article contains Kardashian-levels of being spoilt. Fighting every urge in my film-student body to whip out the film geek jargon and eviscerate this piece of filmmaking, I think it’s nice to appreciate a film from a passive-observer point of view, too
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9. Less(ons) is More

Less(ons) is More
Less(ons) is More by Rikus de Kock

Continual exploration is key to learning. Whether these explorations are based on past, present or future typologies are quite irrelevant in determining their validity. Depending on the milieu you find yourself coming of age within, the architectural discourse less is either: More, A Bore, or Our Current War.
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8. The Anarchi-tecture of Gordon Matta-Clark

Anarchi-tecture of Gordon Matta Clarke
Anarchi-tecture of Gordon Matta-Clark by Suné Horn

Anarchitecture was a concept created by Gordon Matta-Clark and a group of his peers; the term was an unintentional conflation of the words anarchy and architecture. It was an out-the-box idea that was spawned from the disillusionment with their formal architectural education. Anarchitecture was a series of temporary works that consisted of splitting, sawing and carving out sections of buildings.
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7. Found in Translation: Voronoi Gift Box

Found in Translation: Voronoi Gift Box
Found in Translation: Voronoi Gift Box by Christian Liebenberg

My beautiful sister got married to her lovely wife in 2012. I wanted to make a special gift for them: Something that would be beautiful, functional, interesting and imbued with symbolic meaning. So I asked them for a list of places with significance to them as a couple: where they grew up, where they met, went on holiday, shared meaningful moments etc. From this list of places I generated a Voronoi tessellation that tells their story. The resulting pattern was then used to create the structure of panels for a box which I laser-cut and assembled out of ply-laminated maple.
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6. 7 Most Villainous Monologues

7 Most Villainous Monologues
7 Most Villainous Monologues by Henry Abosi

Okay, let’s be honest, we all know that villains tend to be endowed with a slightly deeper reservoir of intellect. Naturally, they are always one step ahead, albeit sinister and void of morality. As far back as I can remember, I have always rooted for the bad guys in movies. I remember grinning all through Scar’s “Be Prepared” (don’t judge me). While I could pontificate about the psychology of these villains and analyse their motives, instead, I feel these monologues carry their own weight and whether they are new or old favourites, they will evoke a distinct emotion in you.
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5. The 7 Most Influential Stencil Artists of Our Time

The 7 Most Influential Stencil Artists of Our Time by BeFront

The past 30 years have seen a surge in street art around the world. Influential artists like Basquiat and Keith Haring (who began as homeless graffiti artists), inspired a generation of anarchic works of art. The use of stencils in street art, can arguably be credited to pioneers like Shepard Fairey and Nick Walker. Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that 95 present of us would argue that Banksy is the most influential stencil artist of our time, however there have been quite a few significant stencil artists that have made their mark and strongly influenced the world of street art.
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4. Portrait of a Dancer

© Tatjana Meirelles
Portrait of a Dancer by Tatjana Meirelles

Laura Bösenberg is the Senior Principal Ballet Dancer at Cape Town City Ballet. She has danced a wide variety of roles, including Carmen and Giselle, with leads in Swan LakeThe Nutcracker and Romeo and Juliet. There is a distinct sense of passion and life that Laura brings to the characters she plays, which is what I was looking to capture in this series of portraits. We have re-imagined these characters in a contemporary way, with Laura’s experience of interpreting each role as the narrative.
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3. 10 Most Iconic American Paintings

10 Most Iconic American Paintings by BeFront

Everyone loves a great painting. While art has become a buzzword in the past few decades, some works of art have transcended cultures and defined eras. The debate about the ‘greatest painting’ is a highly subjective one; exciting and equally controversial. We have always wanted to create a list of greatest artworks. So, on the fourth of July, we decided on this list… why not?
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2. This Woman’s Work: 5 Inspiring African Creatives

This Woman’s Work: 5 Inspiring African Creatives by BeFront

In celebrating woman’s month, we decided to put together a collection of inspirational designers and creatives, hailing from different corners of the continent. Each selection represents a category on our platform. All the women listed below are renowned in their own respect, propelling their creative agendas to staggering heights.
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1. We Tuscan’t Anymore

Monte Casino
We Tuscan’t Anymore by Reynard Smit

The influx of Tuscan houses during the 90’s radically changed the face of suburbia in the Northern parts of South Africa. For some, it has become the personification of bad taste and an ongoing reference to an architectural trend out of control, for others, a manifestation of luxury and a sign of financial well-being. For me, there is nothing essentially unattractive about Tuscan architecture….. when you are in Tuscany.
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