It seems like only yesterday that we were passing out branded cards and explaining our vision for this new creative platform. Naturally we had to endure the classic neck-twist / squint-eye gesture as seemingly everyone responded, “huh?, the-front?… be? buh-front?” – sigh… patience is a virtue. As nonsensical and somewhat metaphorical our name is, we find ourselves warmed and eternally grateful that our global presence has grown from strength to strength.

So, as we turn two, we decided to take a moment to reflect on some of our most fruitful engagements. What makes us most excited is watching our exclusive BeFront Features become household staples to our growing readership. In celebration of our two year existence we decided to look at the ten most read features since our launch. This list solely focuses on the exclusive feature series (not articles) created by us specifically for BeFront, and are ranked in order of popularity.


10. ImWalkingHere: Distant Orient-ation

Dubai based photographer, Naeem Adam captures architectural detail in far-east Asia.

© Naeem Adam


9. Top3Tuesday: Arthur Barker

Architect and influential academic, infatuated with French music and landscape art.

Arthur Barker


8. Thesis Thursday: Christian Scriba

Postgraduate architectural research project exploring neurosis and urban therapy.

© Christian Scriba


7. In Conversation: Mikael Kihlman | Art & Life

Renowned Swedish artist reflects on the art scene in the past decades and touches on his feelings towards classic Scandinavian cinema.

© Mikael Kihlman


6. Top3Tuesday: Tracy Lynn Chemaly

Writer and editor fascinated by Middle Eastern and West African art.

Tracy Lynn Chemaly


5. Top3Tuesday: Chantel Woodman

Designer/ceramicist with an infatuation for faceted skyscrapers and the art of making the perfect grilled cheese sandwiches.

Chantel Woodman


4. Thesis Thursday: Matthew Mills

A magnificently illustrated thesis project exploring the importance of pedestrian activity in the rehabilitation of our environment.

© Matthew Mills


3. Top3Tuesday: Stefanie Jason

Magazine editor with a taste for music, fashion and film photography.

Stefanie Jason


2. In Conversation: Conor Murphy | West Side Story

Ireland based set designer discusses his vision for this classic musical production set.

© Jesse Kate Kramer. Courtesy of The Fugard Theatre


1. In Conversation: Alice Herbst | Next Top Artist

Former model turned artist making waves in the Stockholm art scene; we have a one on one discussion about her career transition and artistic aspirations.

Alice Herbst

It’s been a great two years